Accessories & Parts

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Oculus Go Case

$35 USD*

Designed and crafted to specifically hug the contours of Oculus Go, this case provides a snug safe haven for your headset and accessories. The outer shell protects your headset from sun, shock, splash, and scratching, while it’s padded interior carves out a convenient compartment for the cables, controllers and charger.

Fitted Interface

$20 USD*

This alternate fit of the replaceable facial interface is designed for users with low nose bridges and high or wide cheekbones. Made with the same breathable fabrics and comfortable foam molding as the standard fit.

Third-party Accessories

Prescription Lenses

Oculus Go is designed to be worn comfortably with or without glasses, but you can still choose to purchase these compatible VirtuClear prescription lenses from which insert easily into the headset.

Replacement Controller

$25 USD*

A replacement for the Oculus Go controller. Only one controller at a time can be synced to your device.

Relaxed Interface

$20 USD*

A replacement for the default facial Interface that comes with every Oculus Go.